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SLAJO at the Jazz Festival

Welcome to the SLAJO web site.
The Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra is
Salt Lake City's Premier Music Phenomenon!!!

9 Years of Future Jazz Big Band!


SLAJO reunited for a memorial concert celebrating the life of Will Lovell III, bass player and composer for the band. Please click on:
Will Lovell III Memorial Concert
for more info on the concert, pictures from the evening, and music that was played in tribute to our friend.

Updated: September 2014

The musicians from SLAJO are also involved with other projects. Check out the links below.

Battle of the Big Bands

One of the last SLAJO gigs was the Kilby Court concert with the Joshua Payne Orchestra.

New Improvised Music Festival!!!
From Kilby Court 6/29/10

Dave Chisholm, a founder of SLAJO, organized this festival featuring several experimental jazz groups. Pics and downloadable tunes are available on this page.

John Henry

This sextet featuring members of SLAJO may be the most intense and dynamic jazz combo heard anywhere. Pics and music are available on the John Henry page.

The Latest SLAJO CDs!

Child of Saturn CD
Space Madness CD


SLAJO Laughing Babies CD
SLAJO Wake Up to a Melody CD

New Dual CDs now available at shows

The Original SLAJO CD
Now Available Online (only $10):

The SLAJO Reviews!

Read the Red Magazine Review of SLAJO
Read the Salt Lake Weekly Review of SLAJO

The SLAJO Videos!!!

A Pretty Fine Rendering of Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees

Steve Lyman Sits In on Vultures From Kilby Court
(Quicktime: Click to View; Right-Click to Download)

The SLAJO Pictures!

NEW! Posters From Shows

Check Out Pics From Shows

Some Great Photos From Older Kilby Court Perfomances
Thanks to Rod Daynes for the Photography

The SLAJO Tunes!

Tunes from the Last Show!
(be aware, since the tunes are 10 minutes or longer,
the file sizes are 10MB or larger)
Windows: Right Click to Download
Mac: Cntrl Click to Download

Kilby Court Battle of the Big Bands
(Joshua Payne Orchestra)

SLAJO at Kilby
JPO at Kilby

Sound Check--JPO
La Gloria--JPO
Richter's Party--SLAJO
Tune 3--JPO
Space Madness--SLAJO
How to Win a Gunfight--JPO

In the Man's World--JPO
You Will Be Home Again--SLAJO
Tune 11--JPO
La La La--JPO

The SLAJO Musicians:

Current Lineup:
Jim Follett--Trumpet
Josh Francis--Trumpet
Josh Dixon--Trumpet
Joe Chisholm--Trombone
Ryan Shepherd--Trombone
Owen Caprell--Trombone
Kevin Fallon--Tuba
Dan Nelson--Tenor Sax
Andrew Kuhnhausen--Alto & Soprano Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Moanin' Marco Blackmore--Baritone Sax
Adam Leishman--Bass Clarinet & Tenor Sax
Derek Howa--Keyboards
Dave Salmon--Guitar
Will Lovell--Bass
David Featherstone--Drums

And an additional cast of 1000's...

Honorable Subs:
Dave Halliday--Sax
John Flanders--Sax
Dale Lee--Sax
Blake Dyer--Trombone
Patrick Bowie--Trombone
Joe Jensen--Tuba
Dave Terran--Trumpet
Reed LeCheminant--Trumpet
Kelly Ricks--Trumpet
Denson Angulo--Bass
Nate O'Brien-Bass

Musicians Emeritus:
Dave Chisholm --Trumpet
Matt Moore--Tuba
Doug Wright--Bass
Tully Cathey--Guitar
Henry Wolking--Trombone
Dan Schaeffer--Trombone
Willis Clow--Guitar
Gentry Densley--Guitar
Geoff Miller--Guitar
Dave Bertram--Trumpet
Steve Lyman--Drums
Pat Campbell--Drums
Jake McKay--Sax
James Powers--Sax
Mike Forbes--Tenor Sax
Erica Duncan--Trumpet

The SLAJO Links:

Dave Chisholm's Page
Willis Clow Home Page
John Henry Page
John Flanders Homepage
The Guy Who Does the Recording


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